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ov1This site features sale of Russian icons, brass icons, brass crosses, brass traveling Russian icons and brass tychs. Sale of Russian icons for sale is not the only site feature as these antique Russian icons are also used to follow the Calendar of the Orthodox Church. With this Russian religious art we always feature Christ the Pantocrator and Theotokos (Mother of God) using a different Russian icon weekly. In addition the feast day and saints of the liturgical year are followed weekly. Each time you click on the images of the various old Russian icons you will see a full image and complete write up of the subject. The Russian icon represents the most significant art form in Russian religious art. Probably the most famous Russian icon in Russian art and art throughout the world is Rublevís Old Testament Trinity. The iconographer of the early Eastern and Western churches used similar styles until the renaissance. The Orthodox Church continues this style to this day. The technique of writing the Russian icon evolved from Byzantine art of the Byzantine Empire. The iconographer of Russia use painterís manuals that originated in the golden age of Byzantine art. This early religious Russian art and Byzantine art provided the foundation for the development of secular and non-secular art and greatly affected the course of art history throughout the western world. The Russian icon and Byzantine art therefore possess unique significance and importance in the world of art. The iconographer prayed and fasted before writing his religious art and thus the iconographer never signed their work because it was inspired by the Holy Sprit. The religious art of these early churches provide a visual representation of biblical events, figures, and saints and educate the viewer in the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. They inspire a quiet meditation towards the quest for spiritual growth, understanding and truth. Another distinguishing characteristic of iconography from Russia and Byzantine art is their timelessness. The prototypic images of saints and feast days seen in the early iconography of the Orthodox Church has remained relatively unchanged throughout the centuries. The images of the feast days and holy figures in iconography follow the traditional prototypes prescribed by the early Orthodox Church in order to carry out their functional purpose to teach and allow for meditations of the Word of God. Sale of Russian icons can be found by clicking on the catalog link from any page and then clicking on the subject of the Russian icon. Brass icons, brass Crosses, brass trip tiks, brass traveling icons can be found by clicking on other on the catalog page. All of the brass and sale of Russian icons on the site are guaranteed. Currently featured is Feast of Nativity of Virgin,(Sept8),Exaltation of Cross(Sep14), and Protectiom(Oct1).

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