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Theotokos Three Hands

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Recently written icon by our iconographer.

In the 8th. Century a great controversy in the church erupted over the use of icons. This controversy, known as the Iconoclastic Heresy, was movements to prohibit the use of icons in the church for fear that the people were worshipping the icons as false gods. During the Iconoclastic Heresy, Saint John of Damascus wrote his famous Book in the defense of Holy Images entitled On Divine Images. The Byzantine emperor at that time, Leo The Isaurian, decreed that all icons be banished and fearing Saint John as a powerful opponent to his cause ordered Saint John’s right hand to be cut off. Saint John, contemplating his situation and his faith before an icon of The Theotokos, turned to The Mother of God in prayer and prayed for Her intercession. His hand was miraculously restored. Saint John commissioned a hand to be made of silver and attached it to the icon. Prototypes derived from the original Theotokos of Three Hands icon deviated from the addition of the silver hand and the iconagraphers began to paint the third hand onto the image of The Theotokos. The original three handed Mother of God icon went from Serbia to Greece and is currently in Holy Dormition Temple of the Bulgarian Metochion in Moscow. Saint John of Damascus is important in the Eastern Church not only as the defender of Holy images but also for his significant contributions as a hymographer. Saint John composed the famous hymn to The Most Holy Theotokos, “ In Thee Most Holy Theotokos, In Thee Rejoiceth all Creation, Thou Full of Grace . . ..”, which is sung in place of ‘ is truly proper or meet . . .’ in the liturgy of St. Basil.

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