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Selected Saints

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1252SoldSold$ 995.00
Egg tempera onw wood written in Central Russia. Superb quality

As symbols of various alphabets can be put together to form words and paragraphs to convey the Word of God, likewise the painted images created through the skill and tools of iconographers also convey the Word of God. This is why icons are said to be written rather than painted. Since the iconograherís mission is to write The Word of God he must write not only about the events of God and The Church, but of the people as well. This includes important figures from both the Old and New Testaments, and The Early Church Fathers and Saints throughout the history of the church. Icons depicting religious figures are various in their compositions. Among the most common portrayal s of religious personae in iconography is a representation of the individual saint in ĺ or Ĺ figure in which the saint holds an object which is a symbol closely associated with Him or Her. Often an important saint, martyr, or prophet may be depicted in an icon with a detailed background of a place associated with the individualís life, such as a monastery or a town. Some icons of religious figures involve a monumental scene from the personís life. Another common composition of this type is a group of several saints standing in full figure. In this situation, an iconographer was most likely commissioned to paint the patron saints of all members of the commissioner's family.

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