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Gabriel is an archangel. Archangels are one of nine orders of angels recognized by the church. Archangels act as messengers from God and serve as a link from the heavenly realm to the earthly realm. The name Gabriel means “man of God”, which is reflective of Gabriel’s dual nature as both a heavenly and earthly servant. Archangel Gabriel’s role is as the bearer of joyful news. Gabriel announced both the births of John the Baptist and Christ. The icon of the Archangel Gabriel is found is the Deisis row of iconostatis in the Eastern Church. The icon of Gabriel will be placed to one side of the central icon of Christ with the icon of the Archangel Michael placed equidistant to Gabriel on the opposite side of Christ. Gabriel is usually drawn holding a staff and a transparent globe, signifying objects to guide him in his travels as a messenger.
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