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Brass Cross Category List
Three bar cross hand cast in brass. Two common explanations on the slanted third bar. 1) Christ's weight shifted. 2) The bar points up to the good thief and heaven. . Crosses are over 100 years old. Various inscriptions and symbols on the front in Church Slavonic include, God The Father or Image Made Without Hunan Hands, Adoring Angels, Jesus of Nazareth King of The Jews, Sun and Moon, "We Bow To Your Cross O Lord And We Praise Your Holy Resurrection, Instruments of The Passion (Spear,Sponge,Reed) Walls of Jerusalem, Golgotha, and Skull of Adam.
Image Stock # Size Period Price
50644.5x7"Mid 1800's$ 225.00
50654x8"Mid 1800's$ 225.00
50674.25x8"Mid 1800's$ 225.00
50722.25X4"Late1700'S-Early1800's$ 175.00
50733.75X6.25"Late1700'S-Early 1800's$ 195.00
50765.5x8.5"1800's$ 375.00

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