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Brass Small Travel Icons Category List
All the subjects that were written on wood were also hand cast in brass. Russian people revered their saints and prayed to the saints for their intersession in their daily lives. Because of the size of these icons people were able to carry them in battle and abroad. Thus the name traveling icons.
Image Stock # Size Period Price
54681.75x2.251800's$ 95.00
54182x2.251800's$ 95.00
54202x2.251800's$ 95.00
54212.2.251800's$ 95.00
58082x21800's$ 75.00
58132X2.25Late 1900's$ 25.00
58142x2.25:ate 1900's$ 25.00
58152x2.5"Late 1900's$ 35.00

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