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St. Matthew was one of Christís original twelve apostles. St. Matthew was a tax collector, a profession he left behind to follow Christ. St. Matthew is also referred to as The Levi, and Mark 2:14 recognizes him as the son of Aphaeus and the brother of St. James the Younger. He authored The Gospel of St. Matthew, which was primarily written for the Jews. St. Matthew suffered a martyrís death. In iconography, St. Matthew is usually depicted sitting at a table writing his Gospel. It is often difficult to distinguish icons of St. Matthew from icons of St. Luke. St. Matthew can be identified by either a longer beard or from the inclusion of his symbol a winged man. Sometime he is depicted with a maiden or angel beside him. Early churches would write the evangelist on the walls and ceilings of churches. The evangelistsí images were later included on the Royal Doors of the altar.
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