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Theotokos Fydorskaya Category List
Theotokos is from Greek meaning, The Mother of God. This icon is of the Eleousa type from the Greek meaning tenderness and is sometimes referred to as Our Lady of Tenderness. This is a most touching image depicting The Mother tenderly caressing Her Child. According to church tradition, this icon was of the type painted by the Apostle and Evangelist Luke on a table which, The Lord Himself, The Theotokos, and Saint Joseph had their meals. This icon is a masterpiece of Byzantine painting. The Mother of God is sorrowful, for she foresees centuries of sufferings of many generations of people whom she always defends. The Divine Child is listening to the prayers of his Mother, and without doubt He will hear Her. The Theotokosí maphorion is dark-purple; this color was the royal symbol in Byzantium as we see before us the Queen of Heaven and Earth. This icon some feel was named after Prince Yaroslav of Vladimir, his baptismal name was Fyodor. Yaroslav used this icon in the baptizing of his son Alexander Nevsky. Since the icon was placed for a long time in cathedral of Kostroma built to honor St. Theodore Stratilatos, others feel the icon received the name from Saint Theodore (Russian for Fyodor).
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