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Theotokos Korsun Category List
Theotokos is from Greek meaning, The Mother of God. This is a most touching image depicting The Mother tenderly caressing Her Child. According to church tradition, this icon was of the type painted by the Apostle and Evangelist Luke on a table which, The Lord Himself, The Theotokos, and Saint Joseph had their meals. The Theotokos of Korsun icon is named after the ancient Greek seaport of Korsun. The icon’s composition is characteristic of the Eleousa prototype. Eleousa is derived from the Greek meaning tenderness. Inner warmth, intimacy, childish helplessness and tenderness are typical descriptions of this icon type. The Mother of God is depicted embracing Christ lovingly in both arms. Her eyes’ distant gaze is expressive of the warm motherly tenderness of a mother comforting her child. The helplessness of the infant Christ is conveyed as Christ clings to His Mother and pulls Himself up towards Her face. The placement of the Mother of God and Christ in the icon’s composition is indeterminate; the figures may be placed on either side of one another at the iconagraphers discretion. The significant feature of this icon type which sets The Theotokos of Korsun icon apart from other Theotokos icons is the focus on the figures’ faces and hands, the elements through which the meaning and expression of the icon is conveyed.
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1079 x 10.51800's$ 995.00
12749.5x10.751900's$ 595.00

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