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Theotokos Lamentation Category List
Theotokos Icon of The Mother of God ďLamentation At The CrossĒ. This icon of The Mother of God is a true treasure both in its subject matter and in that it is one of the rarest icon types of The Theotokos. The iconís composition is divided into tow levels. In the upper level is seen The Mother of God with her hands placed over her heart and her head somberly bowed down as she sorrowfully contemplates the crucifixion of Her Son. In the distance behind the sorrowful Virgin is Christ on the Cross at Calvary. Underneath the feet of the figure of Christ lies the tomb of Adam, the first fallen sinner of humankind, as a sacrificial offering for the expiation of original sin. On the other side of The Mother of God are shown various objects of great significance in Christís crucifixion; the pillar on which Christ was tied to while flailed before his death on the cross, the sponge attached to a pole that quenched the dying Christís lips with sweet wine, the ladder ascended by the Noble Joseph to remove Christís limp body from the cross, the cock that crowed three times foretelling Peterís denial of Christ , and the lance used to pierce the side of Christ as he suffered on the Cross. The second level of the icon is composed of a table that displays various instruments and symbols of The Passion of Christ.
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