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Theotokos Tikhvin Category List
Theotokos is from the Greek meaning, "The Mother of God". This icon is of the Hodegetria type from the Greek meaning Pointer of the Way. It has a somewhat less forced pose than other icons of this type. The Christ Child on the left side of The Mother of God has His right hand raised in a blessing and is facing His Mother. His pose allows us to see the sole of his right foot. Christ bestows a blessing with His right hand while holding the fingers in such a manner as to represent the Greek letters, IC and XC - the first and last letters of the name Jesus Christ. The Tikhvin icon is according to the type painted by Saint Luke the Apostle. The original was brought from Jerusalem to Constantinople in the fifth century and in the fourteenth century it unexpectedly appeared in Rus, near the town of Tikhvin in the land of Novgorod where a monastery was built on the spot of its appearance.
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