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Image Description
This icon portrays the main scene during Holy Week. On Good Friday Christ died on a cross at Golgatha outside Jerusalem. In the basic icon Christ is shown on the Cross on top of a hill against the walls of Jerusalem. Two groups of figures usually appear at the foot of the cross. On the left, The Mother of God, and a holy woman and on the right, St. John The Divine and the Centurion Longinus. Sometimes Mary and Martha are also present as well as Nicodemus. In the cave of Golgatha Adam’s skull is depicted, in Aramaic ‘Golgatha’ means skull. The site of the crucifixion was according to legend at the burial place of Adam. Longinus was a legendary Roman soldier serving under Pontius Pilate. He stood guard at the foot of the cross and was a witness to the Resurrection Later he converted to Christianity and preached the new faith. Two weeping angels are depicted above the cross. God the Father is at the very top looking down on His Son. The sun and the moon are on the top two left corners. This icon is special as it has the two good thieves depicted as well as two addition Roman soldiers.

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