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Saint John Baptist

Image Description
This five-scene icon tells the story of the beheading of John the Baptist. In the upper left hand corner of the icon Saint John is shown being comforted by an Angel of The Lord while he is in prison awaiting His fate. He is then shown being led to His murder by Herod’s executioner. The act of His execution is portrayed in two consecutive moments of The Saint bending meekly in anticipation of the sword’s fatal blow, and the limp, headless corpse of the executed Saint fallen bleeding on the rocks below. The executioner is then seen presenting Saint John’s head, placed on a platter, to Salome. On the top center is seen The Lord of All Sabbaths. Objects to note for their symbolical significance in this icon are the mountains that symbolize a “cry to heaven”, the garments of Saint John which reflect The Saint’s identity as a desert hermit, and the red of the executioner’s robe which is representative of martyrdom.

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