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The Mother of God in the Patronage icon is seen as the protector and intercessor for all mankind. This icon is called patronage, intercessor, or protection of The Mother of God. The iconography of the patronage is connected to the miracle that occurred at Blachernae, in Constantinople, where the Maphorion of The Virgin was kept. Each Friday at the matin service the rite of lifting the veil covering the image of The Virgin was performed. Once during this service St. Andrew, accompanied by his disciple Epiphamios, saw The Virgin accompanied by John The Baptist and John The Divine with many saints. The Virgin offered a prayer spreading her cloak over the congregation as a symbol of protection of the people and city from enemy attack. This miracle occurred in the middle of the 10th Century on October 6, at 4:00 a.m.. The full-length figure of the Mother of God is always central in this icon with The Virgin holding the veil sheltering all suffering mankind. In another version angels hold the veil. Portrayed in the pulpit is St. Romanos the Meolode, standing on the ambo. St. Romanos is famous for his many compositions of troparions, kontakions (especially Christmas) and hymns to The Mother of God that runs, “on this day The Maiden gave birth to The Transcendent One. .”. Usually St. Andrew and his disciple Epiphamios are on the lower level observing this miracle. St. John the Divine and St. John the Baptist along with The Three Great Theologians of the church, St. Basil, St. Gregory and St. John Chrysostum are also usually depicted on the upper level with other saints. In addition usually depicted is Leo II the emperor at the time of the occurrence of the miracle as well as Patriarch Tarasis who initiated the 7th Ecumenical Conference that restored the veneration of icons. Grand Duke of Vladimir and Suzdal, Andrei Bogoliubski, in the 12 Th. century instituted one of the most significant festivals in Russia, The Protecting Veil of The Mother of God, celebrated on Oct. 1st.

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