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Sint Panteleimon

Image Description
The Feast of Feasts, The Resurrection of Christ (the most important feast day in Christianity) is summed up in the Resurrection troparion. “Christ is risen from the dead, by death he conquered death, and to those in the graves he granted life.” The Feast of Feasts is referred to as The Holy Pascha of Christ in the Eastern Church. Christ redeems the original sin of Adam and Eve and all mankind by His Resurrection. This icon depicts Christ pulling Adam and Eve from the depth of Hades and death. In the 18th. and 19th. Centuries an icon was written that departed from the traditional Decent into Hades. In this departure Abraham, Moses, Noah, Solomon and David among other Patriarchs, Prophets and Holy Women are seen ascending the stairs to heaven where Rakh, the good thief is waiting his final entrance into heaven. In the upper center of this icon the Resurrected Christ is seen with the Angel standing by the tomb with the burial linen on it. Peter is seen on the upper left corner encountering the empty tomb. In bottom right hand corner The Risen Christ appears to the apostles at the sea of Tiberias and tells Peter, “Cast your net off to the starboard side.” (John 21:4-8) At the very top of this icon is The New Testament Trinity.

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