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The Feast Day of the Theophany, which is also referred to as The Epiphany or The Baptism of Christ, occurs on January 6. The terms Theophany and Epiphany are derived from the Greek meaning manifestation. The early church celebrated both the manifestations of Christ, The Nativity and The Baptism, on the same day, January 6. It wasn't until the 4th century that the Western church moved The Feast Day of the Nativity to December 25. After The Resurrection of Christ, referred to as Pascha, and The Nativity, The Theophany is considered the greatest Feast Day of The Eastern Church. Usually at the vesper service for this Feast Day, water is blessed and the clergy then uses this Holy Water for the entire church year. In the icon of The Theophany, Christ is usually depicted in the Jordan River being baptized by John the Baptist as angels witness the event. The Holy Spirit, depicted in either the form of a dove or as a ray of light, descends upon Christ while God The Father looks down from Heaven.

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